Family – Sam, Pat and Kieran

My name is Kieran Osborne and I created this website in memory of my mother Patricia, who suddenly passed away earlier this year after several long-fought  exhausting battles with cancer. This website will also help to raise awareness of how computing power can be used to contribute to cancer research.

The World Community Grid is a global network of computers which are utilised to make the most of the unused computing power which would normally just go to waste. The power is used by universities through a programme called BOINC to simulate research results which in this case I am donating all the computing power possible to the Help Conquer Cancer project whose mission is to “..improve the results of protein X-ray crystallography, which helps researchers not only annotate unknown parts of the human proteome, but importantly improves their understanding of cancer initiation, progression and treatment.”.

I have been donating computing power to Help Conquer Cancer project ever since the first time my mother fell ill and I always said with a passion to my girlfriend and friends around me that if mother was to ever pass away from cancer that I would invest in powerful servers and just donate all the computing power I could but that almost didn’t happen as following her passing I just wanted to crawl into a hole, hide from the world and feel sorry for myself – I tried that for several weeks and it wasn’t good.

Following a much needed motivational boost from my girlfriend I turned around on the 2nd July 2012 and put all my efforts into turning a rack server hosted at home (known as Rack001) to be dedicate to the  World Community Grid. Following a few hours of experimentation to get the best performance from my existing rack server I felt confident to invest in another rack server from eBay. Thanks to next day delivery the new server (Rack002) was up and running and computing results for the grid on Wednesday and was so powerful that the existing server that started it all was able to switched as it was not efficient as the new hardware.

Currently I have 2 rack servers dedicated to this project which have a total processing power of 29.28GHz spread across 12 cores. In simple terms that means on average 12 results an hour can be processed, or 288 results a day. A live camera feed, along with more information on the servers can be found here.

My future plans include buying more hardware and dedicating it to this project. I have been optimistic and named the server hostnames “Rack00X”.. my real dream is to have 999 servers returning results to the grid making a real difference.